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I'm a professional, imaginative, and passionate writer looking to work with you! 

Let's chat about how I can collaborate with you for your business, organization, or project.

Statement Writing Package

Looking to revamp your website, social media profile, or professional marketing materials? 

I will sit down with you, hear your vision, and work with you in an authentic and strategic way to translate your passion into a comprehensive and engaging story for your audience- no matter who they are! 

This package is ideal for small businesses, creatives, and nonprofit organizations looking to rewrite a mission or vision statement, create a statement of diversity, equity and inclusion, or those who are in need of a new artist statement, attention-grabbing biographical statement, and more. 

Included in this package:

- An introductory meeting, up to 1.5 hours (in person or virtual)

-One page rough draft 

-Two rounds of edits

-Ongoing email communication about the progress of the project

-One page of finalized copy for any format- web, social, print, etc.

Cost of package: $300

Content Writing Package

Do you need help with blog, article, or marketing writing?

I will work with you and your team to provide your audience with accurate information in an interesting and accessible format, while staying true to your business’ mission and ethical standards. I am a strong believer in the power of collaboration, and brainstorming together the best strategies for progress and innovation is something I love. 

This package is ideal for individuals, businesses, or organizations looking for assistance in writing longer-form pieces of content meant for blogs, websites, marketing materials, and so much more.

Included in this package:

-An introductory meeting, up to 2.0 hours (in person or virtual)

-One to two pages (per project) rough draft

-Two to three rounds of edits

-Follow-up meeting, up to 1.0 hours (in person or virtual)

-Ongoing email communication about the progress of the project

-One to two pages of finalized copy for any format- web, social, print, etc.

Cost of package: $400 - $500 (depending on scale of project)

Interested in longer-term collaboration? I’m available for work on a retainer basis.

Uniquely tailored packages starting at $1,000/month for up to 30 hours/month.

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